November 2016 Walking Challenge

Each month I am trying a new challenge to increase my walking. I have a FitBit and I love it. Having my steps measured motivates me to walk more and I need that motivation. My bare minimum is 1,000 steps a day. I know that’s crazy low, but again, it’s the bare minimum. My goal for November is a total of 100,000 steps. That averages to about 3,333 steps a day. Still much lower than what’s recommended (10,000), but this is a starting challenge and I want to start with one I can easily accomplish. Rather than having a goal for each day, having an overall monthly goal will be beneficial because some days I walk more than others and this way, the “extra” steps will carry over and still count towards the total, making up for the days I don’t walk as much. For example, if I just tried 3,000 steps a day and did 5,ooo, the extra 2,000 steps wouldn’t roll over to another day. Hopefully I will accomplish this goal easily and set a higher goal for December. Here’s to walking!